So sexy.




What happened next was the most uplifting experience of my journey so far. I was invited by a young family into their home…The father is calm and quiet, with an open, handsome face, while the mother is shy, her skin radiant, and a smile that could launch a thousand ships. Her children are well behaved, quiet and curious.[x

Marceleen Isadora Ariagnee ⇄ Mason Isolde Ariagnee

Appearance: Is incredibly short for a male, standing no taller then five foot three. He’s muscular all though it’s not as glaringly obvious on him as it is on a large chunk of the make population at Elias, it’s lean muscle. He has long, raven black hair that he keeps long and wears in a braid down his back when he’s not in the safety of his bedroom. A few strands are always loose from the plait no matter how hard he tries and they always stick to his head when he runs errands in the heat. He has a tattoo on the side of his left shoulder that reads ‘Without struggle, there is no progress’, a feather on the inside of his right wrist, and the start of angel wings on his back. He has very piercing eyes and his lower lip is always chapped from how much he chews on it. He tends to keep it very casual in jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts but looks pretty good in slacks and a button up, pastels accentuating the darkness of his skin. On days where he has nothing to do it’s long basketball shorts and tank tops. He has a lot of scars on his back, hips, and the backs of his legs, due to abusive he received from his mother when he was younger.  He’s only very recently accepted them as a part of who he is thanks to Dash and the few close friends he’s made since arriving on the island. 

Personality: He’s very shy upon first look, one of those that can easily fade into the background, and that’s usually how he likes it. There are rare moments when he becomes outspoken, usually on the behalf of others that can’t defend themselves. He’s very intelligent and has a sharp tongue when pushed; nothing is off limits and if he knows your weak points he’ll use them when it’s necessary to stop someone from running their mouths. He’s more fond of nights in by the fire with a book than he is with a night out on the town all though he has been persuaded to go out with Dash and the rest of the group on several occasions and has, admittedly, enjoyed himself even though it was something far out of his comfort zone. When he’s alone is when he’s truly at his worst. He blames himself for the death of his younger brother K.C. even though it wasn’t his fault. He is aware of the fact that he’s depressed but doesn’t know to bring it up to those around him without feeling like he’s dragging them down with him. He also suffers from panic attacks as well as bad nightmares, both of which Dash knows about but that he’s kept from his other friends. Once you worm your way in, he’s a very nice person and one of the best people to have on your side.

Other: Mason is a writer. He’s never without his notebook and a writing implement. He’s also never without a book, whether it’s an old favorite such as To Kill A Mockingbird or a new YA series such as The Maze runner. He’s very good at making up stories on the spot because he frequently retreated into his head when things got really bad at home. He loves his adopted family more than words could ever say and will never be able to thank them enough for taking him out of the toxic environment he was born into. He loves Dash more than words can describe and would do anything to keep them safe and happy. That’s one of the reasons he hasn’t talked to them about his depression. He has a cat named Sammy that he isn’t sure what he’d do without and he just bought Dash a Golden Retriever pup for their 20th birthday.